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Affordable Genuine TruSlate Roofing Systems

If you're looking for a permanent solution that outlasts the elements and meets your roofing needs, think no further - Slate has been around for centuries and has been the used on many of the world's greatest buildings.

A reason as to why they aren't seen as often is because they are extremely heavy and expensive, making it unavailable to average homeowners. But if you're able to afford a slate roof, there's no doubt that you'll enjoy a worry free roof as well as the magnificent view from any angle.

With GAF's TruSlate Premium Roofing System, you can make your dream of having a slate roof a reality. With this system, you know you're getting:

Genuine, real S1-grade hand-split quarried slate from North America's finest quarries
(never the synthetic imitation)
An affordable, yet high quality luxury look
(Often comparable to the cost of the cheap-looking imitations)
Perfect for new construction or remodeling
(This prevents the expensive structural modifications that's traditionally are installed with slate roofing systems)
Improves your home's resale value
(There's no doubt that slate roofs will increase the value of your home, the curb appeal and it may even increase the time your home is on the market)

With GAF's TruSlate system, Slate roofs are no longer out of reach!

The Revolution of TruSlate

Create beautiful, durable, and affordable slate line using 21st century technology

Advantages of TruSlate

Made from real hand-split quarried slate
Easy to install for most roofing contractors
Cannot curl or warp
Easy and economical to repair/replace
Individual slates can be rearranged after installation
Maximum wind warranty up to 130 mph (209 km/l)*
Affordably priced versus traditionally installed slate
Realistic slate appearance and coloration
Natural color aging/weathering adds grade and charm
Lifetime ltd. warranty available on roofing system**

*Wind speed coverage requires special installation.
**The word “Lifetime” refers to the length of coverage provided by the TruSlate® Smart Choice® Ltd. Warranty and TruSlate® Ultimate Pledge™ Ltd. Warranty (refer to the actual warranty
for complete coverage and restrictions), and means as long as the original individual owner(s) of a single-family detached residence [or the second owner(s) in certain circumstances]
owns the property where the TruSlate® Premium Roofing System is installed. For owners/structures not meeting the above criteria, Lifetime coverage is not applicable