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Roof Replacement
Composite Asphalt Shingles
Nowadays, homeowners are faced with a wide variety of choices when it comes to modern roofing, but fiberglass composition shingles are...
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Flat Roofing
Are you considering installing a flat roof on your home or business? Flat or low-slope roofs look very attractive on many different types...
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Metal Roofing
Today’s metal roofing systems are no longer the “plain Janes” that they were years ago. With modern technology, metal roofing can be made...
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Steel Roofing
The steel industry has exceeded consumers’ expectations as far as roofing systems go. You can now find perfect shingle imitations in steel!
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Tile Roofing
For over 5,000 years, tile roofs have featured legendary craftsmanship and timeless taste. Tile roofs have durability beyond compare since...
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Truslate Roofing
If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution that meets your roofing needs, then you should consider slate. Slate has been around for...
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What Our Customers Say About Us
  • Upon making the decision to purchase a new roof I did some research and received a few bids .all were in the same ballpark. I gave achtens the opportunity to match and or beat the competition and they did ...they...
  • This is the third roof we have had done with Achten's-- we own a couple of duplexes that needed re-roofing in the past couple of years. We called Achten's and a couple other roofers for quotes, and Achten's had by...
  • We've been working with Achten's for 6-8 years. We've had 4 different projects: replaced one large side of our roof; replaced 5 skylights with one needing a roof repair, and recently reroofed our rental house. We've worked with Jerry and...
  • Our Family wasn't planning on staying in the house we are in now for very long, However, with the economy we kinda got stuck in our house. We had major roofing problems, so I had to search for a Seattle...
  • I was really pleased with Achtens roofing company in Seattle. They were on top of all the problems we had and explained to me what could have happened if we didn't get it fixed. It wasn't like they were trying...
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