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Wheeler’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Puyallup WA

Roofing Installment in Puyallup, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

Achten’s Quality Roofing is a roofing company that seeks to provide customers with the best roofing installments they can get and excellent service. Our estimator Jerry went out to the home of the Wheeler residence to take down all the information needed to supply the homeowners with an accurate estimate. Jerry discussed everything that the Wheeler residence was curious about and every element of installment was discussed and explained in great detail. We are always focused on keeping up a strong sense of communication between our estimators and those who hire us. Having this connection helps us to create better rooftops that match the needs of the customer perfectly.

Ricardo and his roofers started the roofing process by tearing off the old roofing and inspecting the roof deck for rot and deterioration. Underlayment was positioned over the deck surface to heighten defenses against possible moisture damage and infiltrating water that may attempt to seep in between roofing shingles. Workers reinforced valleys and penetrations with Ice and Water Protectors to further boost the blocking of liquid from getting inside the brand new system.

Timberline HD shingles were installed as the roofing composition for the home. The Wheeler residence decided on the color of Shakewood for the new composition because it fit nicely with the look and feel of the household’s appearance. A Snow Country Ridge Vent was installed on the system to remove excess heat and moisture to prevent the roof from dealing with premature deterioration and damage. This Ridge Vent is a fantastic addition to any rooftop as it extends the life of exterior and interior paint by reducing and minimizing peeling. Snow Country Ridge Vents are capable of protecting belongings in the attic from the threat of mildew and contamination by keeping airflow constant and allowing excess heat to escape the household with ease.

Our roofers completed the replacement in great time and with an incredible level of effort and professionalism. We thoroughly cleaned the area after installation and hauled way any job-related materials and debris to the nearby landfill. The Wheeler residence was very excited about the outcome that we were able to achieve for them and we were incredibly glad to hear that we had provided a service that had resulted in complete customer satisfaction.

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