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Swann’s Residence, Roofing Replacement in Lakewood WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing was in the city of Lakewood this week to complete a new roof for the Swann’s. The homeowners had a specific idea of what they wanted. We always strive to accomplish the roofing goals of the customer. We want our craftsmanship and level of quality to resonate within the final product. Achten’s Quality Roofing sets out to complete every step of installation in a professional and courteous manner. We care about our customers and their roofing needs! That’s our top priority at Achten’s!

Our roofers began the replacement by tearing off old layers of composition. The roof deck was examined for any rotting or damage that needed replacing. Employees then arrange Ice and Water shields throughout the decking for the ideal level of protection against moisture and liquid infiltration. Underlayment felt was placed onto the area of the decking surface. Starter metal and rake metal was put in designated spots where it would yield the highest outcomes of performance. They also installed brand new counter flashing and chimney flashing in areas where it was needed. Our roofers took it one step further and new ventilation systems were installed. Every step of the installation was executed with precision, high levels of focus, and of course accuracy.

The Swann’s really liked what the GAF Timberline HD system had to offer, so that was their choice. They liked that every individual Timberline HD shingle is manufactured with several layers. These layers work together to provide each piece of Timberline with supreme strength, boosted durability and an extended warranty. This is a brand of shingle that continually pleases our customers. The outstanding appearance and variety of excellent performance features is what attracts people to it. Timberline HD shingles are constructed to withstand winds of up to 130 mph in speed. These shingles are one of the best compositional materials available and are offered to our customers at a price point that is affordable.

Our roofers cleaned the area of debris and extra materials created during installation. Achten’s employees aim to leave each location organized and orderly. The Swann’s were very pleased with the final outcome of the installation. And our company was happy to help!

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