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Smith’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Tacoma WA

The Smith residence in Tacoma was looking to make a change. They decided that a new roof installment would be the perfect transformation and also would be beneficial to their home. They were not absolutely certain about what the process might entail, as they were a little concerned about how stressful the constructive alterations might become. Achten’s Quality Roofing was there to assist them with every one of their questions and concerns. Here at Achten’s we are aware of every detail of the installation process. Our expertise and knowledge helped us explain the roofing installation process so the homeowners could rest assured. We wanted them to be as carefree as possible during this process.

The first step was when the Smith’s inquired about a free estimate from Achten’s. Since they were putting their faith in us, we wanted to present them with superior service from the very moment they contacted us. When the Smith’s chose Achten’s to do their roofing job, our employees arrived on time on the scheduled day of installation. Our installation crew arrived with all of the tools and equipment they needed to get started immediately. Achten’s was there to provide the home with an ideal new system that would satisfy the architectural needs of the customer in every way.

The roofers began the project by tearing off the two previous layers of roofing. They did this in order to check for rotten decking or mold within the structure. Any problematic discrepancies found within the materials were mended and replaced before moving onto the next stages of construction. They then started implementing Ice and Water Shields around the chimney, vents, and pipes for the ultimate moisture prevention and premium liquid protection. New ASTM #15 underlayment was placed over the entire surface. This helps to further heighten the system’s ability to keep water from seeping into the material and causing damage to the integrity of the roof. Ten new vents were installed at designated points throughout the structure along with 10’’ and 4’’ flapper vents placed into specific positions. This was done in order to boost proper exhaust and better circulate airflow from the home.

The Smith’s chose the Timberline HD roofing system with an added high style ridge for good measure and an enhanced overall look. This shingle is a fantastic material in a variety of ways. It not only looks outstanding, but it yields a plethora of great features for the homeowners. It offers an excellent range of stability and durability as well as enhanced preventative components. This makes it one of the best available roofing systems for our customers. Timberline HD has continually received a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories for its immaculate results in flame testing and fireproof examinations. The material is even able to withstand winds of up to 130 mph in speed. The material’s blow-off prevention is incredibly efficient and highly effective. This is truly a roofing composition that is built to endure all sorts of problematic complications as well as any possible issues that may arise over time. The shingles also provide a professional and authentic-looking appearance that instantly improves the visual presence and feel of the home. We highly recommend this brand for homeowners who are looking to install a new roof. It will definitely meet their expectations and then also goes on to surpass them with flying colors.

When our employees were finished with installation, they made sure to clear the area of any loose materials or debris created throughout the construction. Our company was focused on achieving every single one of the needs of the customer. We always aim to leave the location looking as neat and as organized as possible before making our departure. The Smith’s were highly pleased with their new roofing system. They made it a priority to let us know of the outstanding effort that Achten’s Quality Roofing showcased throughout the entire process.

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