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Sheen’s Residence, Roofing Replacement in Lakewood WA

New Roof Installed in Lakewood, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

The Sheen residence of Lakewood wanted to replace the roof of their home with a new system that would reinvigorate its look and style. They called our offices to schedule a free estimate for a replacement, and our estimator Jerry ventured out to meet with the homeowners, in order to create a plan that would meet their needs to the fullest! Jerry took his time with his inspection, and carefully examined the roof for any areas of weakness or impairment that would need replacing during the installment. Our estimators care about the outcomes that we produce for our customers, as absolute satisfaction is a primary goal in every roofing installation that we provide!

Roofing crews arrived at the home on time and well-prepared, with all the tools they needed to get started! Our workers began the process with the tear-off and removal of the previous layers of composition, and the replacement of any damaged plywood in the roof deck surface. Underlayment felt was placed over the entire surface area of the deck, to create a level of moisture prevention that would help protect against the threat of invasive liquid and possible water damage in the future. All the valleys and penetrative areas of the roof were reinforced with ice and water shields for added moisture prevention, and to ensure that the new system could endure our rainy Washington weather without cause for concern. We seek to create a rock-solid new roof that supplies the customer with the quality they deserve, and sustainability that will help the system last for decades!

After the installation was complete, and the brand new Timberline HD shingles were fully installed, our roofers made sure to scan the area for any remaining debris and materials that remained. All the leftover material and waste is disposed of properly, to make the location truly shine and look its best when the job is complete. The Sheen residence was blown away by the results they received from our crews, and could not thank us enough for providing them with a new system that made their home look brand new! Achten’s Quality Roofing had given the homeowners exactly what they had been hoping for, with professional and courteous service delivered throughout the entire process! Call us today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP for a free estimate!

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