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Scholpen’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Gig Harbor WA

Timberline HD Installation in Gig Harbor, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

The Scholpen residence had patiently been waiting for the right time to get a new roof installment for their home in Gig Harbor, and wanted to make sure that the new roof system that they decided on would be implemented as professionally as possible. They were thorough in their search for a contractor that would be able to assist them with their installation, and found out about Achten’s Quality Roofing through our glowing reviews across a number of different sites online. The residence quickly realized that they had found a roofing company worthy of their investment, and quickly called us for a free estimate, to find out what we would be able to accomplish for their home’s roofing system!

We sent our estimator Jerry out to meet with the homeowners, and was extremely helpful in his description of the kinds of roofing materials that he explained would be ideal for their new installation. All of the estimators at Achten’s Roofing are knowledgeable and helpful about their options, as well as how to properly increase the durability and reliability of any roofing system that they come across, regardless of how worn down or damaged that it might be. Jerry offered a wide range of examples for what kinds of outcomes could be achieved for the home, and what each possible result would look like with the materials that we currently had available, in order to give the homeowners the clearest understanding possible of what was achievable for the home. Our number one goal is is to give each of our customers a wide variety of the different products to choose from, and what each material is capable of offering them and their home. The Scholpen residence was able to decide on the options that they liked the most, as Jerry had given them all of the information that they needed, to make decisions that they they felt entirely sure about!

Our crews installed Timberline HD in the color or Weatherwood for the home, as the Scholpen residence felt that this specific color of composition was the ideal choice for their replacement. This is a shingle brand that is excellent in every way, as it provides customers with immaculate roofing results that look incredible, while offering them a degree of performance that they rightfully deserve. Timberline HD is a well-priced brand of composition that is built to endure over time, as each layer of the material is constructed with an unbeatable amount of strength. Our estimators continually recommend these shingles for our customers, partially because they offer the looks that our homeowners have been searching for, and partially because they provide an outstanding level of protection with an unbeatable degree of roofing performance!

The roofers finished the project in record time, and cleaned up the location of all the remaining materials and debris that had remained after the process was finished. Achten’s employees are geared for excellence, and seek to create a roofing result that is clean and professional-looking, while offering a new look that is fantastic from top to bottom! The Scholpen residence was incredibly happy with what our roofers accomplished for them, and the homeowners made sure to let us know that our roofers had been excellent throughout the duration of the job! Call us today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP to get your very own free estimate!

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