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Schendel’s Residence, Roof Installation in Lakewood WA

Grand Sequoia Installation in Lakewood, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

The Schendel residence of New Castle was eager to hire Achten’s Quality Roofing as the roofing contractor for their home’s new roofing installation, as they had heard the array of positive feedback from our previous customers online. The homeowners had been searching for the ideal company for the project, and felt that Achten’s would be the best choice for the job. Customers have left numerous five star reviews across the web, including the Yellowpages website and on our Google Plus business pages. Our reviews on the Better Business Bureau website have also been exceptional, which says a lot about the kind of work that we produce for our customers and the level of excellence that we strive to achieve for their roofing needs. Every customer is given quality service, while our roofers install a magnificent new roofing system that fully satisfies their installation requirements and goals.

Our estimator Grant visited with the customers at their home in New Castle, to provide a comprehensive assortment of available choices for their roofing replacement. Grant explained the process of installment, and provided detailed answers for every question that the Schendel residence had about the process. Our goal is to keep the procedure as transparent as possible, by giving customers all the information they need to make the best decisions for their installation. Grant made things easy for the homeowners, by thoroughly explaining the estimate from top to bottom, with great care put into the descriptions of all the integral components of the project. Check out Grant’s proposal for the replacement below!
Work to be included in this installation:
Tear off old roofing down to the roof deck
Prep and inspect for wet or dry rot
Install 1/2 inch of CDX Plywood and Install 30lb felt as Underlayment
Install GAF Ice and Water Protectors ARound All Penetrations
Rebase and Counter Flash Chimney with 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized metal
Install new continuous counter flashing around chimney
Install new flashing around all skylights
Install new plumbing pipe boots and base flashings
Install GAF Grand Sequoia in the color of Charcoal
Includes GAF Systems Plus Warranty
20-Year Workmanship Warranty

GAF Grand Sequoia in the color of Charcoal was the composition chosen for the home’s new system. Grand Sequoia is a fantastic brand of material, and truly one of our most prominent shingle systems available to homeowners. These shingles provide an extraordinary-looking new system that gives the home an amazing amount of protection and sustainability. Grand Sequoia compositions have continually earned a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories for their consistently amazing results in flame testing, and are considered to be much safer than other brands of composition that only carry a Class C fire rating. These shingles are one of the greatest available choices for home and business owners, as they give our customers exactly what they’ve been looking for in a new roofing system.

Our roofers completed the job and made sure to clean the surrounding areas before departing the location, and hauled away all the excess materials and roofing debris. Our workers are devoted individuals that seek to install the best roofing systems possible, with a resulting outcome that thoroughly satisfies the needs of the homeowners. The Schendel residence was ecstatic about their new roof, and we were happy to have assisted them with the project from start to finish! Call Achten’s Quality Roofing at 1-800-ROOF-TOP for a free estimate today!

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