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Rettko’s Residence, Roofing Replacement in Tacoma WA

The Rettko residence was in the market for a new roofing system. When one of our talented estimators visited their home, he showed them the GAF Timberline HD product. This is the our most popular choice by our customers for their new roof. Our roofing company firmly believes in the high performance that Timberline HD offers. We look forward to installing this product because we know that we are creating a quality roof that will look stylish and also perform incredibly well under pressure. This is a benchmark composition that is difficult to beat in terms of price, design, and safety features.

After the Rettko’s made their decision, our roofers started with the installation process. The installation started with the removal of the old roofing down to the roof deck, they prepped and inspect the deck for signs of mold or rotting. Ice and Water Shields were put into place around all penetrations for maximum liquid and moisture resistance. Underlayment was laid out over the surface of the exterior and 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized rake metal flashings were positioned at the gable ends. This continued with 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized starter metal at eaves and in all valleys of the architecture. Ridge deck sheeting was shortened by 3 inches in order to add proper exhaust in preparation for installation of a GAF Cobra Exhaust Ridge Vent. The new GAF Cobra Ridge Vent were implemented to allow for heat release and balanced airflow for the home.

Roofers then installed Timberline HD shingles along the entire surface area. They used 6 nails instead of staples for a better wind warranty and blow-off prevention. Timberline HD can withstand winds of up to 130 mph and has earned the Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories. This is just one of the many excellent features of this system.

After our work was done, we made sure to clean up any extra materials or debris. We worked diligently on every aspect of the project. We were confident that we had provided the home with a new roof that will perform to it standards. The Rettko residence told us that they were very satisfied with the and they would recommend our roofing company to anyone looking.

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