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Point Evans Condo, Roofing Installation in Tacoma WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing is a roofing company with years of experience in repairs, cleanings and roofing replacements. Our employees have expertise in all kinds of roofing installments, with an extensive range of previous installations that range from residential work to the commercial roofing that businesses require. Achten’s is a roofing contractor that is determined to create fantastic installments that will thoroughly satisfy the needs of our customers. Every new system that we install is established with an impressive level of craftsmanship and professional service, that keeps the process simple for our customers.

Our estimator Darin met with the owners of the Point Evans condominiums of Tacoma, in order to get an approximation of what would be needed for installing an outstanding new set of roofing systems. We had previously performed an installation for this community, and the outcome had been so satisfying that we were chosen to re-roof the neighboring condominiums as well. Darin examined the conditions of the current roofs, to look for any signs of structural impairment and areas of weakness. Damage that was discovered was taken into account, as Darin created an estimate that would provide the condominiums with a remarkable new appearance and an optimal level of roofing protection. The estimate was comprehensive and highly detailed, with Darin listing every component that would be necessary for the best installation possible. Our customers are provided with all of the information that they need, in order to make decisions that they can feel confident about before beginning the installment procedure. Check out the scope of work for Darin’s proposal below!

Installation includes the following procedures:
Tear off old roofing down to the roof deck
Prep and inspect deck for wet or dry rot
Install Rhino Synthetic underlayment felt
install ice and water shields in valleys and around all penetrations
Install 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized rake metal flashing at the gable ends
Install 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized starter metal at the eaves
Rebase and counter flash chimney with 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized metal
Install new plumbing pipe boots and base flashings
Install new roof to wall metal
Install all step flashing
Install 26 gauge black valley metal
Install new AF-50 Hood Vent
Cut back ridge deck sheeting 3 inches to add exhaust for installation of Ridge Vent
Install nine inch ridge vent shingle vent
Install wall vent at dormer walls as needed
Install CertainTeed Swift Start Starter Strips at the eaves and gables
Using nails as opposed to staples for fasteners
Block off old air vent holes with new sheeting
Install a ridge cap over the ridge vent
Install CertainTeed Landmark TL
Paint all the flashing and all pipes
Clean out all gutters and down spouts
Complete cleanup and haul away of all debris to landfill
Work to be conducted in a professional and courteous manner
50 year warranty on shingles and 25 year workmanship guarantee

Certainteed Landmark TL was the composition selected for the installation. These shingles are always an outstanding choice for a new roofing system, as they are constructed with three distinctive layers of material for the industry’s thickest, heaviest and strongest shingle. Each tab is sculpted with quality craftsmanship, in order to create a unique design that looks like old wood shake, and provides spectacular performance that exceeds expectations. Certainteed Landmark TL is a phenomenal choice for a brand new installation, as it provides the residence with a detailed roofing system that performs perfectly and looks beautiful all year round.

Achten’s employees completed the installation of the new roofing system in great time, with an organized clean-up of all the remaining debris and waste that had been created during construction. Our roofers successfully installed a new series of roofing systems that would boost the protective performance of the condominiums, while enhancing their appearance with a dynamic new look. Achten’s Quality Roofing delivered a new system that our customers thoroughly appreciated, with courteous and professional service provided every step of the way!

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