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Mose’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Lakewood WA

GAF Timberline HD Installation in Lakewood, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

The Mose residence of Lakewood has been seeking a professional upgrade for their place of residence in every category of construction, and when it finally came time to install a new roof for the home, the residence made sure to choose Achten’s Quality Roofing! Our long-standing history of immense positive feedback is what ultimately steered the residence in our direction, as we have continually earned the highest ratings possible on each of the websites where our Achten’s Roofing is listed. Our Google Plus ratings are through the roof, and the rating on our Seattle yelp page firmly stands at an unbeatable five star rating! Customers all throughout the Puget Sound have continued to voice their positive experiences with our company, and the great responses continue to roll in every day!

Our estimator Darin met with the homeowners in Lakewood, in order to understand exactly what they were hoping to obtain with their new roof replacement. Darin is incredibly professional in his approach to each new project, and is always happy to share his knowledge of the latest roofing technologies with homeowners looking for the newest materials available! Our roofing estimators are all highly-educated on the latest and greatest roofing products, with years of experience that help to make the process of installation as easy as it can be! Darin showed the residence a wide range of different available products that could be installed on the home, with thorough descriptions of each of the benefits that could be gained from using each particular material. The Mose residence was able to make clear decisions about what they felt was best for their home, as Darin had made the outline for the job simplistic and easy to understand in every single aspect!

The homeowners opted to go with Timberline HD in the color of WeatherWood for their home’s new roof, as this brand of material offered them a remarkable-looking result that would offer an incredible degree of protection and architectural performance. Timberline HD shingles are made with an immense amount of integrity, and we always trust in the outcomes that our customers will receive with a new system made with these classic shingles. This is a brand of composition that offers homeowners a unique roofing appearance, with a variety of great features that will keep them covered for decades! These shingles are chosen by our customers over and over again, simply because they love the look of this material, as well as the excellent long-term protection that it provides!

After our roofing crews were finished with the process of installation, they made certain to take some extra time to thoroughly clean the surrounding location of any leftover debris and remaining roofing materials. We want to give each of our customers an unbeatable installation that thoroughly satisfies their roofing needs, with superior service that makes the experience run smoothly and problem-free! Our crews are made up of incredibly hard-working roofers with years of prior experience, and the Mose residence made sure to make note of this when detailing the outcome of their installation from us. Call Achten’s Quality Roofing today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP!

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