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Maynard’s Residence, Roof Installation in Spanaway WA

Brand New Installation in Spanaway, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

When customers desire a new roofing system that is crafted with the highest quality materials available, they know that they can put their faith in Achten’s Quality Roofing to get the job done! We are one of the best-reviewed roofing companies in Washington state, because our customers always receive an exceptional installation that fully exceeds their expectations and satisfies their every need! The work that we produce for homeowners is given the proper time and effort necessary, in order to be its very best, with professional service offered at each stage of the procedure. Our goal is to give home and business owners the outcomes they want, while providing them with a level of assistance that makes the entire process simple and easy!

The Maynard residence of Spanaway was hoping to replace their old roof with a gorgeous new shingle system, and called our office to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. Our lead salesman Gary met with the residence at their home soon afterwards, to properly inspect the conditions of their current rooftop, and to discuss the range of possibilities that were available for the roof’s replacement. The residence was able to explain their individual needs, with specific details and descriptions that would give our salesman the right idea of what they were seeking to achieve with the installment. Gary took all of their requirements into account, as he created an outline for the homeowners that would fulfill every one of their roofing goals and aspirations. Our estimators want to provide the perfect plan for our customers, in order to give them a satisfying result that will provide them with exactly what they are looking for in a new roof…!

Installation included the following:
Tear off the existing single layer of composition down to the roof deck
Remove and dispose of old antenna
Install 15# felt paper over the entire roof deck
Install Ice and Water shield underlayment at all roof penetrations and in roof valleys
Replace 2” x 6” rake boards
Replace all plumbing pipe boots
Replace counter flashing in brick chimney
Install new chimney roof flashing
Replace all existing kitchen and bath fan vents
Add two new bath fan vents with hose hook up
Install new static exhaust vents for proper attic ventilation
Install new metal “W” flashing in roof valleys
Install metal drip flashing at all gutter edges
Install metal starter flashing at all gutter edges
Install GAF Timberline HD in the color of Birchwood
Install new edge covering
Includes gutters and downspouts in the color of Black
Replace all rake and eave fascia board
Includes 20-Year Workmanship Warranty
Includes GAF Systems Plus Warranty

When our employees were finished with the installment, they made sure to dispose of all the remaining roofing debris, in order to leave the location looking organized and pristine. We aim to install a new system that is incredibly efficient, with an immense amount of effort put into every aspect of the installment. Our employees put forth their best effort, and produced a new roofing system that gave the home exactly what it needed! The Maynard residence was thrilled with the outcome that we were able to achieve for them, and were incredibly appreciative of all the hard work they had seen our roofers display throughout the entirety of construction. Achten’s Quality Roofing wants to create remarkable new systems for our homeowners, with a degree of service that is both professional and courteous from the start. Call us today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP!

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