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Lee’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Tacoma WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing is a business that is family owned, with an emphasis on providing homeowners with incredible service and outstanding installations. Our roofers are highly trained individuals, with the qualifications and experience to tackle any kind of roofing installment that a customer may need. Whether you are in need of a repair, a cleaning or need a whole new roof system altogether, Achten’s is there to help you reach the goals you have in mind with ease.

When the Lee residence of Tacoma needed a new rooftop, they knew that they could put their faith in Achten’s Quality Roofing to get the job done. Our sales manager Gary met with the homeowners, to find out the current conditions of their rooftop. From his inspection, he established what needed to be done in order to provide the residence with a new system that would fully satisfy their roofing needs. Gary made a comprehensive outline of materials that would be needed for an ideal new rooftop, and explained the importance of each component of construction. Check out the job proposal below!
Scope of Work:
– Tearing off existing single layer of composition down to plywood roof deck
– Inspect the roof deck for structural defects and or dry rot
– Install 15# felt paper over the entire roof deck
– Install Ice and Water Shield around all penetrations and in roof valleys
– Replace counter flashing in brick chimney and install new roof flashings
– Replace all roof to wall flashings
– Replace all plumbing pipe boots
– Replace all step flashings
– Install new hip and ridge coverings
– Install metal “W” flashing in roof valleys
– Install metal flashing at all rake edges
– Install metal flashing at all gutter edges
– Install single ply torch down on 3/12 pitch
– Install continuous ridge vent to create proper attic exhaust ventilation
– Install Smart Vent at gutter edges where needed to create proper intake ventilation
– Install GAF Timberline HD composition nailed six per shingle for wind rating of 130 mph
– Includes 20-year Workmanship Warranty

When our hard-working roofers completed installation, they quickly and efficiently cleaned up the area of all job-related debris. Our employees are focused on creating a spectacular outcome for our customers, with a result that looks brand new and as spotless as possible. Achten’s Quality Roofing is a roofing company that seeks to give homeowners a new system that they can thoroughly appreciate, with coverage they can count on!

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