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Landmark AR’s Roofing Installation in Gig Harbor, WA

Landmark AR Installation in Gig Harbor, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

Achten’s Quality Roofing is a roofing contractor that wants to give Washington homeowners precisely what they’re looking for in a new roofing system. We seek to supply them with a composition that they will continue to appreciate as the years go by, as our roofs are methodically constructed and built to last, with the highest levels of roofing craftsmanship. Our crews are made up of workers that install each roof with the utmost integrity, as the outcome of our work is incredibly important to the overall satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to give homeowners exactly what they desire in a new roof, with professional and courteous service provided throughout the entire project!

Our estimator Dave visited with the York residence in Gig Harbor to get an idea of their preexisting system, and to find out what the homeowners had envisioned for their new installment. Dave inspected the current system, and looked for any signs of impairment or additional aspects that would need to be taken into account when crafting an ideal estimate for the job. The York residence was descriptive in their explanation of what they were seeking to obtain from the installment, and let Dave know what their most important needs were before he began creating his proposal. Our estimators seek to make each installation as beneficial as possible for the homeowners, by discussing every available option and detail thoroughly, before moving forward.

Landmark AR shingles were the composition chosen for the new installation, as these shingles are gorgeous and incredibly durable, with a wide variety of color blends to choose from. This brand of composition is manufactured with self-sealing adhesive technology, as well as a wide nailing zone that makes the installment much more streamlined and efficient. This is a fantastic choice of shingle for any home, as it offers a beautiful new look and reliable protection that homeowners can count on!
After our crews were finished with the installation, they made sure to check for any remaining debris or extra materials that remained. Any leftover pieces of roofing material were picked up and hauled away, to allow the home to look its absolute best with its brand new roof. The York residence was thrilled with the results that our roofers had accomplished for them, and truly felt that our workers had done a fantastic job throughout the entire process of installation. Our diligent and hard-working crews are determined to serve all of your roofing needs to the fullest, with first-class workmanship delivered every step of the way! Call Achten’s Quality Roofing today!

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