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Jaggers’ Residence, Roof Replacement in Tacoma WA

Professional Roofing Replacement in Tacoma, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

Achten’s Quality Roofing was the company that the Jaggers residence wanted for the installation of their new roofing replacement, as the great reviews about our services have spread throughout all of Washington state, with continuous positive experiences that have shaped the continuing success of our family-owned organization. We instill a great amount of effort in every new project that a customer hires us to complete, with years of expertise in all categories of the job. Our roofing crews have installed countless roofing systems, and are well-versed in any kind of work that one of our customers may need completed for their home or business location. We are confident in our employees and their workmanship, as they always provide a final outcome that our customers are thoroughly satisfied with!

Our estimator Grant took time to meet with the Jaggers residence at their place of residence in Tacoma, to get a solid idea in mind for what the homeowners were seeking to obtain with their replacement. Grant took a good look at their current system, to check for any extra damage or further signs of impairment that also needed to be included in the project’s outline. Achten’s has a devoted team of estimators that are precise and thorough with each new project they are tasked with completing, as they want to be sure that their estimate will fulfill all the requirements that our homeowners had planned for their installation. Grant combined all of the information he was provided with by the homeowners with the outcome of his inspection, in order to establish an estimate that would offer exactly what the Jaggers residence had been anticipating!

Grand Sequoia in the color of Charcoal was the material chosen for the new roof, as the residence could see just how amazing these shingles looked, and could easily imagine how tremendous they would look as the roofing system for their home. This is a designer brand of shingles that is created with artisan-crafted shapes that make for a beautiful new roof that is visually dynamic and will continue to look fantastic for decade after decade. This particular composition is designed with Advanced Protection Technology, which offers superior protection for the home or business that it is installed upon, while drastically reducing the use of natural resources throughout its creation. All of the shingles are sealed with Dura Grip Adhesive, which tightly secures the roofing material and further boosts the prevention of blow-off from high wind speeds. Grand Sequoia is a gorgeous brand of composition, and one that we would highly recommend to customers that are interested in going to the next level of beauty with their new system, as these shingles truly provide a home with a phenomenal appearance and an extremely reliable degree of roofing performance.

Roofers completed the job ahead of schedule, and made sure to dispose of any remaining debris or materials that had been scattered around the home throughout the roofing process. Our roofers are driven to succeed, and do all that they can to leave each location looking great, and even better than how things looked when they initially arrived! The Jaggers residence was thoroughly pleased with the outcome that our company was able to produce, and were incredibly appreciative of the immense effort that our roofers displayed throughout the entire duration of the project. Achten’s Quality Roofing is a leading contractor in Washington state for good reason, as we offer our customers the best installations possible, with thorough outcomes that leave them feeling great about their new roof and the protection that it provides! Call 1-800-ROOF-TOP today!

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