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Hara’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Tacoma WA

The Hara residence was eagerly anticipating a new roofing system. They were searching for the right company that would help them so they gave Achten’s Quality Roofing a call. Our office staff was quickly able to let them know that we were capable of aiding them with their desired task. We assured them that we would perform the roofing replacement in a way that exudes quality and skillful craftsmanship. We continually seek out the best possible outcomes with every roofing installation project that we are hired to accomplish. And we always perform our work in a courteous and professional manner to demonstrate how much we truly care about our customers and the results we are able to provide them.

Our roofers promptly arrived at the job site and quickly got to work. The crew started by removing all of the old layers of roofing so the deck could be reached and completely examined. By doing this, they are able to see any wet or dry rotting and any kind of structural damage that might need to be restored. Any issues that were discovered were fixed and replaced before they began installing new Ice and Water shields. They installed Ice and Water shields in strategically designated positions for the ideal level of protection. This will help against excessive moisture and problematic situations with liquids entering the structure. The crew then placed underlayment over the decking surface. Starter metal and rake metal was installed in specified locations where it would provide the best results. Chimney flashing and new counter flashing was installed in the regions where it was needed, as well. New ventilation systems were put into certain points that were considered to be the most beneficial and architecturally necessary for an optimal new system. Every step of the roofing replacement process was comprehensive and performed with an exceedingly high level of detail.

Timberline HD was the compositional roofing shingle chosen for the new roof. It was chosen based on its excellence of high-performing shingles. This system surpasses the capabilities of other shingle brands. Every shingle of Timberline HD is constructed with several layers in order to provide each shingle with added strength, sun damage prevention, increased compositional durability, and an extended warranty. This is a brand of shingle that is built to last. These kinds of roofing systems continue to satisfy homeowners with their performance features and the distinctive appearances that they offer. Timberline HD is capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 130 mph. It has also received an outstanding Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories for its excellent results in the flame testing and fire prevention examinations. This brand of shingle is one of the best brands available on the compositional market. It offers a fantastic look, it performs exceptionally well, and we can offer them to homeowners at a price point that they find affordable.

When the roofing replacement was complete, our workers were adamant about the entire job site being cleaned. They removed any material or debris that had been created during the installment process. Proper organization is an integral part of any kind of process and our roofers always aim to leave the location looking as pristine as possible. We did everything we possibly could to assist the Hara residence with the roof they had been hoping for. Here at Achten’s we stand by our performance and aim to achieve an outcome that our customers will love for years to come. The Hara residence was thrilled about the new roof that we were able to provide for them. Our employees were also delighted to have the opportunity to help another customer with their roofing needs.

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