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Flaaen’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Tacoma WA

New Timberline HD Installment in Tacoma, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

The Flaaen residence of Tacoma was interested in obtaining a new roof for their home, and wanted to be absolutely sure that their roofing replacement would be completed with absolute precision and incredible detail. They called Achten’s Quality Roofing for the job, as they had found numerous positive reviews about the kinds of results that we had accomplished for our previous roofing customers and felt that we would be an ideal choice of contractor. One that would supply them with the installation that they needed and service that they would appreciate! We are a family-owned company that seeks to create fantastic roofing results with every new installation that we are tasked with completing, as we set out to provide incredible roofing outcomes for all of the home and business owners that choose us for their roofing needs!

Our roofing estimator Dave met with the Flaaen residence at their home in Tacoma, to get a clear understanding of the current conditions of their roofing system, as well as all the kinds of features that the homeowners were hoping to have installed for their new system. Dave was able to get a solid idea of what the homeowners needed to gain from the installation, and took all of their requirements into account when crafting an estimate that would suit their home perfectly! All of our estimators are highly experienced individuals with decades of expertise in all things roofing, and their honest approach to each new project keeps the process painless and easy! Our customers are able to trust with their roofing needs because our employees are entirely trustworthy in their discussions, as we want our work with homeowners to be the very best it can be in every aspect, in order to establish an outline for the job that provides the greatest outcome possible!

The crews began the work by removing the previous layers of composition down to the roof deck below, in order to scan the surface for any areas of impairment of weakness. After the deck was searched thoroughly for any areas of impairment, our workers began to place roofing felt over the entirety of the deck surface, to boost its moisture protection and prevent further complications with liquid infiltration. Once the roofing felt was completely laid out, the roofers began installing our Timberline HD shingles, to provide an incredibly effective and beautiful new roof for the homeowners that will surely keep them covered for the decades ahead! This an astonishing brand of shingle that our customers are always ecstatic about, because this brand of composition offers so much for such an incredible price, while supplying homeowners with a new roofing system that looks amazing and performs perfectly! GAF has truly constructed their Timberline HD shingles with sincere dedication and the highest quality of craftsmanship, as this is truly a roofing material that exceeds the typical effectiveness of other brands, while remaining cost-effective and affordable!

When the installation was complete, our roofing crews disposed of all the job-related materials and debris in the location surrounding the home, in order to leave the home looking wonderful and organized for the big reveal to the homeowners! The Flaaen residence was very pleased with what our crews accomplished for them, and were very appreciative of the great experience they had with our company from start to finish! From the very beginning of the job, Dave had offered the residence an honest opinion with a wide variety of options to choose from, and crews had installed a new roofing system that gave the homeowners precisely what they had been hoping for in a beautiful new roofing system! Call Achten’s Quality Roofing today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP!

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