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Ferguson’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Gig Harbor WA

New Timberline HD Installation in Gig Harbor, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

Achten’s Quality Roofing was the roofing company that the Ferguson residence chose for their home’s roofing replacement, as they had heard great things about our company from previous satisfied customers. Our employees were happy to help the homeowners with their new project, and we let them know right off the bat that we would be able to achieve every single one of their roofing needs, to the fullest extent! Our estimator Gary met with the residence at their home in Gig Harbor, to inspect the conditions of their current roofing system and to look for any signs of impairment within the structure. Their roof was fully examined and measured, as Gary wanted to administer a solid evaluation before beginning his work on a comprehensive estimate. All of our estimators are professionals, with decades of experience in the roofing business. They have a wealth of knowledge regarding all kinds of different roofing materials that our customers might be interested in, with answers ready for any questions our customers might have about the process. We are a company that seeks to produce the best results possible for our customers, by utilizing the greatest knowledge available and the highest quality of roofing craftsmanship!

The Achten’s crews arrived at the home in Gig Harbor, and quickly got started on the project right away. They began the process by tearing off the previous layers of roofing composition, all the way down to the deck below, in order to check and inspect for areas of wet or dry rotting that may need replacement. Underlayment felt was laid down over the deck surface, with two new layers used for superior protection and an optimal degree of liquid prevention. Areas of penetration were reinforced with ice and water protectors, to further heighten the roof’s defenses against future water damage, as well as the possibility of rotting in the new system. Our crews perform a thorough job, with time and effort put into every component of installation, in order to provide the residence with a new system that will transcend their expectations and meet all of their needs!

The Ferguson residence was confident in choosing Timberline HD shingles for their installment, as this is a solid composition that offers their home a fantastic new look with an outstanding level of performance. This is a composition that homeowners continually choose for their roofing needs, partly because it does exactly what it promises, and partly because it does it all for such an affordable price! These shingles are constructed with multiple layers of roofing material, to help create a resulting composition that is highly durable and effortlessly long-lasting for homeowners. Timberline HD shingles are a marvelous choice for individuals that are seeking a beautiful new system, with strength and performance that will last them for ages!

Our crews worked diligently throughout the entire installation, with an incredible amount of effort put into each aspect of construction. Achten’s employees do a phenomenal job at every stage of the process, to ensure that the outcome of the installation is pristine and spectacular. The Ferguson residence was highly pleased with the outcome we had achieved for their new installation, as we had provided them with a result that surpassed their expectations and all of their architectural requirements. Achten’s Quality Roofing gave the homeowners a new roof that they were thoroughly satisfied with, and we felt great knowing that we had made another customer’s architectural aspirations come to life! Call us at 1-800-ROOF-TOP for a free estimate!

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