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Child’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Puyallup WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing employees arrived at the Child residence of Puyallup primed and prepared to assist the homeowners with the task of getting a new roof that would improve the overall appearance and distinctive feel of their home. The Child residence knew that they could put their faith in us, as we are a roofing contractor that always aims to provide a truly high-caliber performance as our workers display care and craftsmanship in every detail of the roofs that we install for our customers.

Our employees started the installation by tearing off one layer of the old roof and then carefully inspecting for any spots of rot or mold that needed fixing before moving forward. After the entire roof deck was examined for areas of concern, our workers moved on to the installation of Ice and Water Shield in Valleys of the roof and other positions that needed liquid and moisture protection. Rake metal and starter metal was established in designated perimeters and new pipe flashing was implemented as well as flashing around the chimney. Counter flashing was then placed in spots it was needed and new vents were put into place to help the attic release heat from inside the home and allow for balanced airflow.

Timberline HD in the color of Charcoal was the desired choice of shingle for the roof, as the homeowners felt that the coloring and visual style of the composition would be a perfect fit for the new appearance of their home. The Child residence were also pleased to find out that the Timberline HD performs incredibly well against high wind speeds and has a Class A fire rating earned from Underwriters Laboratories. These shingles offer a unique dimensional look while also providing the homeowner with high performance and peace of mind.

When our roofers were finished with installation of the new roof, all of the material and debris in the area was cleaned and removed. Our workers were confident about the work they had accomplished and the Child residence of Puyallup was happy to have acquired the brand new look they had been wanting for their home.

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