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Burdick’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Puyallup WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing is a Master Elite roofing contractor, with teams of certified employees that are determined to give homeowners the best roofing systems they can possibly receive. Our roofers seek to achieve a professional installation for our customers that will look outstanding, while providing the home with remarkable roofing performance and superior protection. Achten’s employees make each installation the best that it can possibly be, with courteous and professional service delivered every step of the way. We are a roofing company that wants to give homeowners a fantastic new system that meets their roofing needs, while offering first-rate assistance that makes the installment simple and care-free.

The Burdick residence of Puyallup was interested in receiving a free estimate from our company, as they felt that their roof would benefit from a proper roofing replacement. Our estimator Darin visited with the homeowners, in order to examine the conditions of their current roof and to go over all the available options for an effective new system. Darin informed the Burdick residence of what would benefit their home the most, while explaining what each component would ultimately cost if the homeowners decided to have it installed. Our estimators seek to create a plan that is perfect for the residence, both economically and constructively, in order to establish an outline for the new system that will fit every one of the homeowner’s roofing needs.

Timberline HD was the composition selected for the new roof, as the Burdick residence felt that it would provide their home with a unique new appearance, and performance features that would give them peace of mind. These roofing shingles are an excellent brand of roofing composition, with a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories, and a wind warranty of 130 miles per hour. Timberline HD shingles are composed of multiple layers of material, with each layer serving its own unique purpose in the strength and longevity of the resulting shingle. This is a favorite among our customers, as it provides them with a distinctive look, spectacular performance and a price that they find incredibly reasonable. Click the link below to read more about GAF Timberline HD shingles!

When our roofers were finished with their installation, they completely cleaned the area of all job-related debris and hauled it away to the nearest landfill. The Burdick residence was very pleased with the end result that we had created for their home, and appreciated all the hard work that they had seen our employees display throughout the duration of the project. Our crews had given the homeowners a new roof that they were excited about, which made our employees feel accomplished about the work they had produced for our customers. Achten’s Quality Roofing wants to achieve the greatest results that it can for the homeowners that choose us, and we go to great lengths to make their new roofing system a remarkable one that will stand the test of time!

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