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AA Meats, Commercial Roofing Installation in Lakewood WA

The owners of the AA Meats butcher shop in Lakewood were seeking to install a new roof, and felt that Achten’s Quality Roofing would be the best roofing contractor for the job. We have helped countless businesses in the Puget Sound area, by providing them with amazing roofing systems that make their locations look even better and more professional. The workmanship that our roofers are known for is first-rate, with results that go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. We set out to give home and business owners the systems that they want, with professional and courteous service delivered throughout the entirety of installation.

Our roofing estimator Gary met with the management of AA Meats, to discuss the available opportunities for an optimal installment. Gary examined the current roofing structure, in order to create a comprehensive outline for the job that would be detailed and complete. We do our very best to leave no stone unturned, as we establish a perfect plan for our customers that will provide them with the results they seek. The managers of AA Meats were pleased with the treatment that Gary had created for them, and were confident that our roofers would provide them with an outcome that they would appreciate.

Scope of work for this installation:
Remove two signs attached to the roof deck
Tear off existing three layers of composition down to ship lap decking
Inspect the roof deck for structural defects and or dry rotting
Install OSB Sheeting over Ship Lap Decking
Install 15# felt paper over all decking
Replace all plumbing pipe boots
Replace all kitchen and bath fan vents
Install new metal static vents to create proper attic exhaust ventilation
Cut up siding where pitched roof meets back flat roof and install a torch down
membrane where water is leaking currently and now
Install new roof to wall flashing
Install starter metal flashing at all gutter edges
Install GAF Timberline HD and nailed six per shingle for wind rating of 130mph
Install new hip and ridge coverings
Reattach two signs to the roof
Clean up and dispose of all job related debris
Includes 50-Year manufactures product warranty on composition
Includes 20-Year workmanship warranty on composition

When our roofers were completed with the installation, they made sure to clean the area of all remaining materials and extra debris. The employees of AA Meats were ecstatic about the new look of their rooftop, and were extremely satisfied with the refreshing new appearance that we had created for their business. Our roofers successfully established a new roof that would provide the butcher shop with an excellent visual presence and unparalleled performance. Achten’s Quality Roofing is one of the leading roofing contractors in Washington state, because we want to install the best roofing systems that we can, in order to give our customers exactly what they were hoping to achieve!

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