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Achten’s Quality Roofing Installs Quality Grand Canyon Shingles

Over the last 20 years, the team of leaders at Achten’s Quality Roofing have installed over 100,000 squares of roofing shingles on homes and businesses across the map! We have had a great deal of time to learn what shingles work best in the Tacoma and Seattle area, as well as the rest of Washington state. The Grand Canyon shingles from GAF are one of the best options to choose from when it comes to selecting a brand of premium designer shingles that will serve our customers to the highest degree of roofing performance! Each Grand Canyon shingle is designed and constructed with fantastic color blends and a rustic shake look that will truly make your home stand out!

The GAF Grand Canyon shingles are an incredibly heavy asphalt-based shingle with a 50 year warranty. This is truly a composition that it built to last, with immediate customer satisfaction in store for all of the home and business owners that choose this particular brand for their next roofing project. It’s made up of multiple layers, with GAF’s Advanced Shingle Technology, to make it not only the best looking designer shingles, but also the safest option as well. Check out some of design details and features of these outstanding shingles below:

• Dura Grip™ Adhesive – Locks the shingles in place on the roof, gripping tight even in strong gale-force winds
• Diamond Cut™ Granules – Multifaceted design and light-reflective construction add dimension and depth to the shingle
• UV Blocker (Granules) – Protects against damaging sunlight, which improves the durability and extends the life of the shingle
• Color Lock™ Ceramic Firing (Granules) – Maintains the true color of the shingle longer
• Spec-Select Grading System (Asphalt) – Use of finest-quality asphalt improves weathering in harsh conditions
• Micro Weave™ Core – Offers a superior-strength foundation that resists cracking and splitting
• FiberTech™ Components (Core) – Incorporates fibers that are non-combustible and provide a Class A fire rating

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