Wall’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Poulsbo WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing gets a lot of calls from the Poulsbo area. When the Wall’s decided that they wanted to make a transformation to their home in a major way, they chose to call us! Since our company continues to receive excellent feedback, the Wall’s felt confident in choosing us. Our reviews are based on the outstanding performance that our workers put on display when they install a new roof. The employees that we have at our disposal are incredibly hard workers and always perform their work in a professional and courteous manner.

The installation started off with the removal of the old roofing layers. When they reached the roof deck they examined it for and wet or dry rot. The also had to check for structural damages of any kind. GAF ice and water shields were utilized over the entire decking area, due to the lower pitch of the roof. We then put 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized rake metal flashing at the gable ends and 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized starter metal at eaves. New plumbing pipe boots were put into necessary positions and a new RVO 38 hood vent was used for the kitchen fan exhaust to improve heat release and dramatically improve airflow. The ridge deck sheeting was cut back by 3 inches so that workers could add proper exhaust in preparation for implementing the GAF Cobra Exhaust Ridge Vent. We proceeded to treat every step of the installation with care and attention to detail. A roofing replacement process always deserves the highest caliber of craftsmanship possible.

The composition of choice for the roof replacement was GAF Timberline HD. They installed it with six nails instead of staples for the best wind speed prevention and a better wind warranty. The Timberline HD shingles are truly one of the greatest available brands out there. They offer interesting designs with high definition color detail and unbeatable performance. They are strong shingles that are made with multiple layers. They add gripping adhesiveness to block sunlight in order to sustain the life of the shingle for a much longer duration of time, as well. This is a superior brand of manufactured composition and a perfect choice for any roof replacement that a homeowner may need.

After our installation was complete, we thoroughly cleaned the area of all excess materials and debris. The Wall’s were extremely excited about the job we had done for them and were thrilled to have a new roof. They thought the end products was fantastic and would be able to provide their home with outstanding architectural performance for years to come.