New Roof Replacement in the City of Tahuya, WA

With this heavy rainfall, many homeowners and commercial buildings are becoming aware of small to big leaks occurring to their roof top. Achten’s Quality Roofing takes pride in finding the solution to your roofing problem. With each problem presented to us, we pay special attention to every detail to assure our customers can trust the roofing contractor they are working with.

Solving the problem..
There were many areas that needed to be addressed in this residential home, located in Tahuya, WA. Achten’s Roofers took a little over an hour to travel to Tahuya, but were eager to get started on this job site. Although it was time for a new roof, this homeowner was very anxious to informed our estimator of the leak and moisture issues that they were having. These issues focused on the rafters being properly ventilated and insulated as well as, replacing the smart vents for proper air flow. Yet, in order to address these concerns, our roofers did multiple inspections to remove existing single layer of composition roofing. to find the source to this problem. So with much luck, our specialized roofers began to make some repairs before installing the new roof.

The work intended to be done are replacing of the plumbing pipe boots and kitchen/bathroom vents. There was a total of 6 static vents that needed replacing for exhaust, and a smart vent for intake. Next, there was an installation of starter material and metal flashing at all outside edges. Before the new roof installation began they installed new roof to wall metal where port roof meets house. Finally, a GAF Timberline HD in the color Weather Wood.

One thing about Achten’s Roofing is that we properly clean up all of job related debris and dispose of it to a proper landfill. We also include with our Re-roof’s is at least a 10-year workmanship Warranty.