Morrell’s Residence, Roof Replacement in Port Orchard WA

New Timberline HD Installment in Port Orchard, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

The Morrell Residence had recently moved into their new home in Port Orchard, and wanted to start off this brand new chapter of their life with a proper roofing replacement, to keep their home protected. They had carefully been searching for a roofing contractor that would be able to help them with their project, but were not sure which company would give them the best return on their investment. Their real estate agent recommended Achten’s Quality Roofing, as he had previously worked with our company in the past, and had always received marvelous results from our hard-working crews. The homeowners took their agent’s advice, and contacted our offices for a free estimate that would incorporate the look and style that they were hoping for!

Our estimator Carl met with the homeowners, and was incredibly informative in his explanation of the materials he felt would be ideal for the new installment. The estimators that we have working at our company are always knowledgeable and helpful, with a work ethic that is thoroughly dedicated from start to finish. Carl was able to provide numerous examples of all the results that the homeowners would be able to achieve with each specific material, and described the benefits of the components in great detail. We want each of our customers to have a solid understanding of the kinds of materials that we have at our disposal, in order to provide them with a clear concept of the kinds of results that we are capable of creating for them. The Morrell residence was able to select the options they liked best for their home, as Carl had given them all the information they needed, in order to make educated decisions that they could feel confident about!

Roofers installed Timberline HD composition in the color of Weatherwood for the home, as the homeowners felt that this brand of shingle was the ideal choice for their replacement. This brand of composition is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a new roof, as it offers phenomenal roofing results, with a spectacular look and style, that individuals find incredibly appealing. Timberline HD is an affordable brand of composition that is built to last, as every one of the layers of each shingle is constructed with a remarkable level of durability and strength. We consistently recommend these shingles to anyone seeking a new roof, as they will provide the home with outstanding protection and an outstanding degree of roofing performance!

Achten’s crews completed the job in record time, and thoroughly cleaned the area of all leftover materials that had remained from the installment process. Our employees are focused on achieving the highest standards of success for each of our customers, as we want every home and business owner to receive the greatest installations they possibly can! The Morrell residence was thoroughly pleased with the outcome that we were able to achieve for their home, and elaborated on their experience with us in a new video testimonial that you can watch below!