Miller’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Seattle WA

The Miller residence of Seattle had discovered Achten’s Quality Roofing by taking to the internet and searching for a roofing company in their area. When they went to the Achten’s website they saw we worked on roofs in the Seattle on a regular basis. The Miller’s wanted were looking for high-grade craftsmanship and a company with a lot of positive feedback. Our positive customer testimonials and feedback online was another reassurance for them that we were indeed the company to contact. After having one of our estimators out to their home for a free estimate, they decided to go ahead and work together with us on this project!

Our work on the roof began with our employees tearing off the entire first layer of the old roofing. This is pretty standard in all re-roofing projects. We want to make sure we expose the roof deck and examine the space for any wet and dry rot. Replacement plywood was needed on some damaged areas and we were able to offer the repairs at a cost-effective price. Taking this extra step ensures the roof will last for an extended period of time. The chimney over the garage was removed and the previous skylight was replaced, as well. Then ASTM 15# felt paper was laid down over the entire roofing exterior. Our roofers then implemented GAF Weather Watch Ice and Water Shields around all possible points of penetration,. This helps to create a 100% watertight seal that keeps moisture out of the most vulnerable areas of the roof. We are a re-roofing contractor that continually aims to provide our customers with the best options for damage protection of all kinds. This is one of the best lines of defense to have for any roof is moisture prevention.

Workers installed 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized rake metal flashing at gable ends and 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized starter metal at eaves. The chimney was rebased and counter flash was instated with 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized metal. Ridge deck sheeting was cut back by 3 inches to add proper exhaust so that we could place a GAF continuous snow country ridge vent into position. Additional soffit ventilation was organized in the front and back of the home to bring things up to code, as well as GAF Pro-Starter Strips at the eave and gables where it was necessary. GAF Timberline HD in the color of Barkwood was then installed throughout the roof. This gave the home a high performing rooftop and also looked dynamic and visually appealing.

When all of our tasks were complete, we made sure to clean the area and haul away all debris to the nearby landfill. All gutters and down spouts were thoroughly cleaned and cleared for the home. The Miller residence received the roof system that they had been hoping for! They were relieved that they had chosen Achten’s Quality Roofing as the re-roofing contractor for the job.