Mays’ Residence, Roofing Replacement in Bremerton WA

New HD System Installed in Bremerton, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

The Mays residence of Bremerton has been trying to upgrade their home in every category, and when it came to installing a new roof for the location, the homeowner made sure to hire Achten’s Quality Roofing for the job! Our online reviews are what sold the residence on our service, as we have consistently received five star ratings on all of the websites that our company is listed with. Google Plus ratings for our company are high in every city of the Puget Sound, and our BBB Reviews are always positive about the kind of effort that our hard-working crews produce. We truly have established ourselves as a contractor in the Seattle area that does all that it can for its customers, while providing them with impressive outcomes that meet their needs to the fullest!

Our estimator Bob visited with the homeowner in Bremerton, to get a thorough understanding of what was needed for an ideal roofing installation. Bob combines a professional approach with the latest technologies, in order to get an incredibly accurate layout of the home’s system, as well as what it needs to perform at an optimal level for years to come! All of our estimators are well-educated on the entire catalogue of the materials that we offer, and are ready for any questions that our customers might have about the products we have at our disposal. Bob was able to show the residence a variety of different compositions that could be installed, with a comprehensive description of the benefits of each specific material. The Mays residence was able to make their decisions easily, as Bob made the process of selection easy and incredibly uncomplicated.

The homeowner chose Timberline HD in the color of Charcoal for their new roof, as this system offered a fantastic-looking result that would provide an outstanding level of protective performance. Timberline shingles are constructed with integrity, and we are always confident in the kinds of results that customers will receive when they choose this particular brand for their installment. Homeowners love the designs and appearances that these shingles give their home or business, along with a distinctiveness that sets their roof apart from the rest. This is a phenomenal roofing system that our customers select for their installments time and time again, partially because they can see just how tremendous these compositions are, and how effective they can be in the long-term!

When the crews were completed with the job, they made sure to take the extra time to clean and dispose of all leftover materials and debris that had been created throughout the project. We seek to give each of our customers a solid installation that they will be incredibly happy with, and our roofing crews meet those goals by supplying each installation with the very best quality of roofing craftsmanship. Our crews are made up of hard-working employees, and the Mays residence made note of this when describing his experience with us in a video testimonial you can watch below!