Lusk’s Residence, Roofing Installation Port Orchard WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing was contacted by the Lusk residence of Port Orchard regarding the possibility of carrying out a new roofing installment for their home. Achten’s has continuously received positive reviews from our customers about the excellent work that our roofers provide during installation. Our employees are always aiming to put their best effort forward and provide professional and courteous service to our customers in every step of the process. We want the homeowners to be able to put their faith in us and in our ability to achieve the requirements they have in mind. Achten’s Quality Roofing goes above and beyond for each of our customers, because we want to provide them with exceptional results that benefit them in every possible way.

The installment began with our employees tearing off the old roofing composition in order to reach the roof deck and inspect it for any kind of rotting or water damage. Any structural deterioration found within the roof deck was replaced with brand new material. Our workers then covered the entire surface of the deck area with ASTM 15# Underlayment. All areas of possible penetration were reinforced with ice and water protectors, in order to heighten their preventative capabilities against liquid and infiltrating moisture. Employees then implemented new air vents and added another seven into the system’s new design, with new plumbing flashings placed in locations where it was deemed necessary.

GAF Timberline HD shingles were the roofing composition selected for the new roofing system. The Timberline brand offers superior roofing materials, with shingles that provide excellent performance at a great value. This composition is architecturally stylish and exudes a unique dimensional look that is distinctive and makes a roof stand out. The available color blends for Timberline shingles are all exquisite and the shadow effect of each shingle helps to create a genuine wood-shake look that is visually fantastic and authentic in its appearance.

After the installment was completed and our workers were finished placing the new shingles into position, they made sure to thoroughly clean and organize the location. All excess material and debris created during the construction was hauled away to the nearby landfill. We always aim to leave the area looking as neat and tidy as possible before departing the location, as we feel that an organized and outstanding final result is the most important step of a successful installation.

We were confident in the new Timberline shingle roofing system that our roofers installed for the Lusk residence. Our employees consistently provide homeowners with precisely what they want in a new roofing system and then seek to go beyond expectations with their incredible level of craftsmanship and superior performance.