Kinsey’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Belfair WA

Roofing Installation in Belfair, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

When our customers need a new roof installed for their home or business, they need to be absolutely confident in the roofing contractor that they choose to hire for their project. Achten’s Quality Roofing is a family-owned business that produces fantastic roofing results, with impressive craftsmanship that will prove to be lasting and reliable as time moves forward. Our employees are determined to achieve the greatest possible results for the individuals that choose us for their roofing needs, as we want them to receive the highest quality materials available, with immaculate craftsmanship and dedication put into every step of the process. We want to provide each customer with the installation that they’ve been hoping for, and the utmost professionalism, with an outstanding degree of workmanship that will make their new system phenomenal!

Our estimator Darin met with the Kinsey residence of Belfair, to find out what they were hoping to accomplish with their new roofing replacement, as well as the kind of outcome they had envisioned for the project as a whole. The homeowners were able to express their interests in absolute detail, which allowed Darin to better understand their architectural tastes completely. Darin was given a clear idea of what materials would suit their needs the best, and was able to offer the residence an array of compositions that he felt would meet their requirements in every way. Achten’s Quality Roofing estimators are knowledgeable professionals that set out to create a plan that will fulfill all of the needs of our customers, while providing them with valuable information that can help them better understand the choices of material that we have at our disposal. Check out Darin’s proposal for the project below!

Installation included the following work:
Tear off old roofing down to the roof deck
Prep and inspect the deck for wet or dry rotting
Install all new 1/2” CDX sheeting over entire deck surface
Install an ASTM 15# felt paper as roofing felt underlayment
Install GAF Weather Watch and Ice and Water Shield Around All Penetrations
Install 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized rake metal flashing at the gable ends
Install 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized starter metal at eaves
Rebase and counter flash chimney with 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized metal
Install new plumbing pipe boots and base flashings
Install a new RVO 38 hood vent
Install a 4 inch flapper vent for bathroom fans
Install GAF Pro-Starter Strips at eaves and gables
Install GAF Timberline HD with high style ridge in color of Slate
Clean out all gutters and down spouts
Complete cleanup and haul away of all debris to nearest landfill
Work to be conducted in a professional and courteous manner
Re-roofs include workmanship and manufacturer warranty
20-Year workmanship guarantee
GAF Systems Plus Warranty

When our roofing crews were finished with the installation, they made sure to inspect the area for any remaining materials and debris that may have been scattered around the home during the installation. Our employees seek to produce a thorough job for our customers, with a comprehensive clean-up that will leave the location looking fantastic when the job is complete! We want homeowners to be fully satisfied with the outcomes that we establish for them, as the end result of each installation will prove to be a long-term investment that will endure the test of time. The Kinsey residence of Belfair was incredibly thankful to our roofers for all of their hard work, and we were happy to hear that we had given yet another customer the roofing results that they had envisioned from the very beginning! Call Achten’s Quality Roofing at 1-800-ROOF-TOP today!