Hajek’s Residence, Roof Replacement in Olalla WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing has been in business since 2006. In this type of industry we understand when searching for a reliable roofing contractor it can be quite difficult. Let Achten’s Quality Roofing put your mind at ease, all of our qualified estimators are trained and ready to assist you in your roofing needs. We take pride in our work, and have a passion for making things better.

Traveling to Olalla
Before Achten’s Quality Roofing could begin this roof project, we installed a temporary tarp-off at the entry way valley, until we could initially start. Once Achten’s Roofing was ready to begin this tear-off; they not only tore-off the old roofing but entire gutter system. Thankfully, there was no rotten plywood found, this allowed our roofers to apply the new Tiger Paw synthetic underlayment. One thing about GAF roof systems is when roofing contractors install each individual shingle, they use 6 nails opposed to staples for fasteners. This is the same procedure our roofers used to install the new GAF Grand Sequoia, in the color Autumn Brown. Achten’s Roofers then installed 13 new metal air vents throughout this roof top, as well as one 4″
flapper vent. An awesome decision the Hajek family decided, was to add natural sunlight into their home. The residence was excited to hear that their roof installment included a free Velux 10″ Sun Tunnel! One thing you will notice about Achten’s Roofing is our services are conducted in a professional and courteous manner. This complete installment includes a 20-year labor warranty and Systems Plus Warranty.