Griffith’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Allyn WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing has earned a strong reputation in the Puget Sound area for providing homeowners with outstanding roofing systems that look amazing and perform perfectly. Our certified roofing employees are driven to succeed, by giving our customers the very best service and exceptional new roofs that exceed their expectations. We are a company that started small, but we have grown steadily over the years into one of the leading roofing companies in Washington state. Our hard-working roofers and office employees all do their very best to give each customer an excellent roofing experience, as we want homeowners to feel comfortable about the process, and to feel confident about their decision to choose us for their roofing needs.

Our estimator Dave visited with the Griffith residence of Allyn, to see the current conditions of their roofing system and to discuss what would be possible with a new installation. Dave explained what would be best for a new roof, and laid out an array of options for materials, compositions and roofing accessories that the Griffith residence could choose from. We seek to provide homeowners with all the available choices for a premium installation, and allow for them to make decisions about what materials they think would be best for their home and their budget. Dave answered every question that the Griffith residence could think of regarding the materials they were offered, and made an comprehensive outline for their installation that would completely cover every aspect of installment to the fullest extent. Check out Dave’s proposal below!
Work to be included in this installation:
Tear off 2 layers of old roofing down to the roof deck on both main house and guest house
Prep and inspect deck for wet or dry rotting
Install 7/16 OSB board on main house only if needed
Install new Poly-iso Board for insulation only if needed
Install an ASTM 15# felt paper on guest house and Ice and Water shield on main house
Install 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized rake metal flashing at the gable ends
Install 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized starter metal at eaves
Install new plumbing pipe boots and base flashings
Install a new RVO 38 hood vent if the kitchen fan exhausts through the roof deck
Install a 4 inch flapper vent for bathroom fans if the fans exhaust through the roof deck
Install new attic vents on guest house
Install GAF Pro-Starter Strips at the eaves and gables
Install a GAF Timberline HD laminated roofing system using 6 nails for better wind warranty
Install a GAF high profile ridge cap
Clean out all gutters and down spouts
Complete cleanup and haul away of all debris to landfill
Work to be conducted in a professional and courteous manner
Re-roofs include workmanship and manufacturer warranty
20-Year workmanship guarantee and this includes systems plus warranty

When our roofers were completed with installation, they made sure to dispose of all the debris and extra materials that had been created during construction. Our roofers seek to create pristine results for our customers, with an organized appearance that makes the roofing outcome look even more amazing than previously anticipated. The Griffith residence was thoroughly pleased with the new roof that we had installed for their home, and appreciated all of the hard work they had seen our employees display throughout construction. Achten’s Quality Roofing wants to give each of our customers a roofing result that goes above and beyond, with professional service supplied at every step of installation. We want homeowners to receive the roofing system they deserve, and to have exceptional assistance with the project from beginning to end!