Grande’s Residence, Roof Installment in University Place WA

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Securing a families roof top before Christmas!
The Grande residence decided they needed a new roof replacement after visiting with our estimator Grant. After Grant took a look at their roof, he gave them a few options of replacement. The Grande family agreed on installing the GAF Timberline HD, and with that installment included a new Ridge vent. Take a look and see the scope of work!

Scope of Work:
-Tear off old roofing down to the roof deck.
-Prep and inspect deck for wet/dry rot— None found!
-Install an Tiger Paw felt paper.
-Install GAF Weather Watch ice and water shield around all penetrations, valleys, and skylights.
-Install a new RVO 38 hood vent.
Install a new 4 inch flapper vent for bathroom fans.
-Cut back the ridge deck sheeting 3 inches to increase exhaust air.
-Install GAF continuous Cobra Ridge Vent.
-Install GAF high profile ridge cap over GAF Cobra Ridge Vent-Ridge Glass.
-Install GAF Pro-Starter strips at the eaves and gables.
-Install Timberline HD using 6 nails to meet the GAF 130 mph wind warranty requirement.
-Block off the old air vent holes with new sheeting.
-Clean out all gutter and down spouts.
-Complete cleanup and haul away of all job related materials and debris.
-Includes 20-year Achten’s Workmanship guarantee and GAF Systems Plus Warranty.