George’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Belfair WA

Timberline HD Installment in Belfair, WA by Achten’s Quality Roofing

When Puget Sound homeowners want a new roof installed, they usually don’t know where to begin. Many individuals turn to the internet for available information of nearby companies that can help them with their project, and are quick to realize that Achten’s Quality Roofing is one of the best contractors available to assist them with their roofing needs! Our ratings on all of our business pages with Google are at a sterling 4.9 stars, a much higher overall rating than many other competing roofing companies, and our listing with the BBB remains an unbeatable A+ rating! The work and quality of service that our customers receive from us is truly tough to match, as we give our customers the greatest results imaginable for their specific needs, with assistance that keeps each project simple and easy from start to finish!

Our salesman Gary Sparks went out to visit with the George residence of Belfair, as they had been interested in receiving an estimate for a professionally-installed roofing replacement for their home. Gary was honest and incredibly informative when discussing the available options for the home’s new roofing system, as our estimators want to provide every home or business owner with the knowledge that they need, before moving forward with their system’s installment. The George residence was given a comprehensive explanation of the kind of work that would need to be done, and Gary offered the homeowners a large variation of possible materials to choose from for their ideal roofing outcome. We want to be sure that our customers receive the roofing systems that they want, with the look that they had envisioned for their home or business from the beginning. Our estimators make things incredibly uncomplicated for our customers, by offering them all of the latest roofing technologies, and helpful descriptions of each of the benefits that these materials can provide for them!

The homeowners decided to go with Timberline HD in the color of Birchwood for their new installation, as they felt that the Timberline brand would give their home an optimal level of protection, with a beautiful new look to boot! GAF Timberline HD is an excellent brand of material, and has consistently given our customers the results that they’ve been dreaming of, thanks to its distinctive appearance and incredible safety features. These shingles are guaranteed to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour in speed, and have received a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories for their continually amazing outcomes in all fire tests and flame prevention examinations. Homeowners can quickly see why these shingles are such a great choice for their new roof, and will continue to cherish their new Timberline system as the years go by and the materials continue to provide the highest level of protective performance!

Once the installment was fully completed, our roofing crews made sure to leave the location looking spotless and free of any leftover materials or debris that had remained from the construction. Achten’s employees work incredibly hard, and do all that they can to make each new installment the greatest that it can be for our customers. Complete satisfaction of our customers is a must, as we want to give every individual precisely what they had been hoping for, with results that will prove to be lasting and reliable in the coming decades! Call Achten’s Quality Roofing today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP for a free estimate on your next roofing project!