Gabagat’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Silverdale WA

The Gabagat residence in Silverdale was making plans to change the look of their home. They knew having their roof updated would certainly make all the difference. They contacted Achten’s Quality Roofing because of our reputation in the community. Our top of the line performance and the awesome outcomes people were experiencing was what the homeowner was looking for.

The house had a shake roof that was in pretty bad shape. Our workers began the installation by removing the existing layer of wood shake. They took it down to the skip sheeting deck so that it could be thoroughly examined for structural defects and wet or dry rot. They wanted to address those needs and fix them before moving onward. Bird block ventilation was inspected to make sure that no insulation was blocking the intake. This could potentially cause complications when adding new layers to the roof. Employees then started to implement ½’’ CDX plywood sheeting over the entire roof deck area and then 15# felt paper over the new sheeting as an underlayment. All plumbing pipe boots were replaced and all kitchen and bath fan vents were reinstated with new models. The process then transitioned to the placement of a continuous ridge vent for proper exhaust ventilation and more balanced airflow for the home.

The homeowners decided on GAF Timberline HD, as it is one of the best brands our roofing company offers. It offers an incredible value for the features that it provides. Timberline HD shingles display pleasing visual designs that look classy and authentic. They also perform well under the pressures of high wind speeds. They received a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories for their superior results in multiple flame prevention tests.

We are confident in the integrity of our employees and stand by the work that they perform for our customers. We know that our roofers put forth their best effort and utilize every skill to make the homeowners satisfied with the end result.