Ford’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Morton WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing set out to provide the Ford residence in Morton with a new roofing system that would meet their needs and expectations. Our roofing company estimator Randy was able to provide the homeowners with a variety of possibilities for the installment. The Fords were given a thorough outline of the installment they would receive, as well as the available roofing compositions they could choose from for their new system.

Lead installer Ricardo and his roofing crew started the installation with the removal of the old roofing composition and underlying plywood. New CDX ½’’ plywood was used to replace the areas of the roof deck that were damaged and in need of restoration. The surface was covered with ASTM 15# felt paper to establish a layer of underlayment for moisture protection between the shingles and the roof deck underneath.

Timberline HD was the roofing composition selected by the residence. This brand of shingle composition is one of the best systems available. Every shingle is composed of multiple layers of material that all serve their own unique purposes. Some layers of the shingle are devoted to strength and durability, while others are built to protect the composition and prevent possible sun damage. Timberline HD shingles have an excellent wood-shake look and provide homeowners with a level of performance they can count on. This installation includes the 20-year Achten’s workmanship guarantee and GAF Systems Plus Warranty.

The Ford residence was thoroughly satisfied with the roofing system they had received from our roofing company. The crew performed an outstanding installation and thoroughly cleaned the area of all extra materials and job related debris. Achten’s Quality Roofing supplied the homeowners with a new roof that met their needs and dramatically improved the appearance of the household. We are a roofing company that seeks to give our customers exactly what they want in a new roofing system.