Edmonston’s Residence, Roofing Installment in Bremerton WA

Achten’s Quality Roofing was chosen by the Edmonston residence of Bremerton for their roofing needs. They had heard a great deal about our company and what we strive to accomplish with every new installation. They also appreciated the positive feedback that we consistently receive from our customers.

Our roofing crew made sure to arrive at the home on time and ready to work. They had all of the necessary equipment and also a lot of determination. They were motivated to perform a job that would be both exemplary and exceeding of expectations.

Our roofers started the installation by tearing off the previous shake shingles and hauling them out of the area. By removing the old shingles, they were able to examine the roof deck for any bad plywood that needed replacing. Tiger Paw underlayment was installed over the entire roof deck surface which is the base layer of the new system. This helps prevent any form of liquid or moisture from seeping into the structure. Weather Watch was also implemented in necessary positions in order to shield penetrative areas from rotting and the possibilities of water damage. Workers installed 26-gauge drip-edge along the perimeter and put in brand new counter flashing around the chimney for optimal roofing system performance. One 10’’ Solar Tube was also placed above one of the hallways of the home. Solar tubes allow for natural light to enter the household in a way that would be visually pleasing as well as energy-efficient.

Timberline HD in the color of Barkwood was selected for the home. This is a shingle that is built with individual layers devoted to protection from sun damage, increased strength, enhanced durability and the very best capable wind blow-off protection. These features make them strong and dependable. Its distinctive appearance is also what sets it apart from other brands. Timberline HD shingles are built to endure anything that comes their way, including the test of time. This brand is a superior choice for homeowners because it provides so many excellent features. As an added bonus, it offers a look that is unique, distinctive, and genuine in its appearance.

When our roofers were finished with the project they quickly cleared the area. They removed extra materials and debris found around the job site. They wanted to ensure they were leaving the location organized and appealing to the eye. Achten’s Quality Roofing sets out to meet every one of the expectations of the homeowner. We hope to also exceed their expectations by working harder than previously anticipated. We always maintain a level of professionalism that is second to none.

In the end, the Edmonston’s in Bremerton were thrilled with the work we provided for them. As well as the way our roofers had performed throughout the entirety of installation. Our roofing company set out to achieve the best possible results for the homeowners. At the end of the job, we had accomplished those goals and presented the residents with exactly what they had wanted.