Duff’s Residence, Re-roof in Bonney Lake WA

As the weather continues to improve and the sun is starting to shine brighter every day on our area, more and more people are turning to Achten’s Quality Roofing to start the new season off right. The Duff residence of Bonney Lake were keen on making some big changes as Spring began and selected our company to be the re-roofing contractor that would help make some of those transformative alterations come to fruition. Our roofers are always eager to do an incredible job for the homeowners who choose us for their architectural needs and will not settle for mediocrity. The Achten’s Quality Roofing employees aim to achieve the best possible results for our customers and provide them with roofing systems that look fantastic and yield long-lasting strength and durability that is capable of enduring all sorts of environmental factors as well as the test of time.

Achten’s employees arrived at the home in their Achten’s uniforms and got right to work by tearing off and removing the entire roof and hauling away one layer of previous compositional material. Eighty-nine sheets of OSB were torn off and each sheet was replaced before workers implemented Tiger Paw Underlayment over the entire roofing surface as well as Ice and Water Shields in designated perimeters to insure the structure has maximum water and moisture protection. The process continued with 26-gauge drip edge instated on the entire roof and 26-gauge valley metal placed where it was needed in designated points in the surface. Vents were replaced with a new Ridge Cap Vent to enable premium heat release and an airflow that provides immaculate circulation for the home.

GAF Timberline HD in the color of Charcoal was the composition that the homeowners decided on for their new roofing system. Achten’s Quality Roofing is a re-roofing contractor that believes in providing customers with the best available brands for their new roof and Timberline HD is truly one of the premier choices capable of selecting for any roofing installment. Multiple layers of unique materials that all provide their own unique strengths come together in unison to form a shingle that is stronger than many other brands of composition and looks distinctive and professional in every resulting outcome of our installations. These are incredibly well built shingles that look phenomenal and provide lasting features that keep homes looking great while also providing them with superior protection and the best possible preventative capabilities.

When our work was complete, our employees made sure to clean the area of all job-related debris and material in order to leave the location looking pristine and as clean as can be. We are a re-roofing contractor that stands by our work from beginning to end and we strive to perform at the peak of our potential in order to make the new roofs that we install change the home for the better. Roofing systems that we implement for our customers add architectural strength to the home as well as boost the overall appearance in a dramatic and positive way. The Duff residence was thoroughly pleased with the job that Achten’s Quality Roofing was able to perform for their new roof and we are confident about the work that our workers were able to accomplish from the start of the job to its completion. Achten’s Quality Roofing was called upon to perform a roof installation that the homeowners would be happy about and we were able to assist them with those goals and ultimately achieve them.