Cadiente’s Residence, Roofing Replacement in Seattle WA

Premium Roofing Replacement in |Seattle, WA| by Achten’s Quality Roofing

Roofing installations are important to get right, as they will remain on a home or business for decades. When an individual wants to hire a contractor for a proper roofing replacement, they need to be absolutely sure that they will have confidence in the company that they decide to go with, as this is no simple task, and there are plenty of things that could go wrong if not handled properly. Achten’s Quality Roofing strives to be a roofing contractor that individuals can trust for all of their roofing needs, whether they need a roof cleaning, a repair, or a new roof altogether, we are there to help make their project come to fruition!

The Cadiente residence of Seattle was finally ready for the roofing installation that they had been dreaming of, and felt that Achten’s was an ideal choice for an installer that would supply them with a new system that would be constructed with excellent quality and superior craftsmanship. Our crews are certified and bonded, with years of previous roofing experience in all different kinds of installations. Every one of our employees is capable of producing impressive results, with an immaculate attention to detail, and outcomes that leave our customers feeling absolutely satisfied with their resulting rooftop!

Our estimator Grant visited with the homeowners, to speak with them about what their goals were for the project, along with their desired specifications for what they wanted their new roof to be. Achten’s estimators are diligent and sincere, as they want to provide home and business owners with the outcomes that they’ve been wanting since the beginning of their decision to install a new system. Grant offered the homeowners a large number of options to choose from, while explaining the effectiveness of each piece of material, along with its purpose in the grand design of the roof itself. The Cadiente residence was able to take comfort in their search for a proper roofing replacement, as Grant made the process incredibly uncomplicated in every way! Check out Grant’s proposal for the job below!

Installation Included the Following:
Tear off old roofing down to the roof deck
Prep and inspect the deck for wet or dry rotting
If necessary replace rotted or moldy plywood with CDX plywood
Install 30 lb felt as roofing underlayment for deck surface
Install GAF Pro Start starter strip over all eaves and gables
Install GAF ice and water barrier around all penetrations
Install 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized rake metal flashing at the gable ends
Install 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized starter metal at the eaves
Rebase and counter flash chimney with 26-gauge pre-painted galvanized metal
Install new flashing around all skylights
Install new metal roof vents and vent to code
Install new plumbing pip boots and base flashings
Install 4 inch flapper vent for bathroom fans if the fans exhaust through the roof deck
Install GAF high profile ridge cap over ridge
Install GAF Timberline HD Shingles Using 6 Nails Per Shingle for 130 Mph Wind Warranty
Install Base Sheet and Torchdown Modified Bitumen Membrane in Gutter Areas
Install new Scuppers and Downspouts
Complete Cleanup and Haul Away of all Debris to Landfill
Work to be conducted in a professional and courteous manner
Re-roofs include workmanship and manufacturer warranty
20-Year Workmanship Guarantee
GAF 50-Year Non-Prorated Warranty

When our roofers were completely finished with the project, they took the time to clean up the areas around the home, to ensure that the location was left looking as pristine as possible for the residence. Our employees truly care about the results that our customers receive from our company, and do all that they can to truly make the resulting outcome of installation its very best! The Cadiente residence was thrilled with their new roof, and thanked us several times over for providing them with such a fantastic crew of hard-working installers that got the job done perfectly! Call Achten’s Quality Roofing today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP for a free estimate!