Bowers’ Residence, Roofing Installation in Lacey WA

Timberline HD Roofing System Installed by Achten’s Quality Roofing

Roofing companies in the Puget Sound area come in all shapes and sizes, with varying kinds of results for the work that they complete for their customers. Some companies concentrate more of their time on the final outcome of the job, while others focus on providing the best services possible throughout the entire duration of the project. Achten’s Quality Roofing seeks out a final outcome for each installment that will offer our customers a degree of excellence in every category of installation. We want homeowners to receive a thoroughly satisfying result that fulfills their needs completely, while supplying them with service that is both pleasant and professional.

The Bowers residence of Lacey had been interested in the process of replacing their roof, and felt that Achten’s was the ideal company for the project that needed to be completed. Our estimator Gary went out and inspected the conditions of their current roofing system, and made sure to establish a detailed list of his observations in the creation of a comprehensive estimate for a brand new installation. Gary took his time with the estimating process, and made sure to include all of the additional pieces of information that the homeowners provided about what they had been wanting in a proper roofing replacement. Our team of estimators are devoted to fulfilling every need of our customers, with a razor-sharp attention to detail that makes a huge difference in the success of the final roofing result!

Our roofers installed Timberline HD in the color of Pewter Gray for the homeowners, which gave their home an excellent new appearance, with an incredible degree of protective performance! One of the great additional features that we currently offer our customers with a new roofing installation is a free 10” sun tunnel, which the Bowers residence chose to have placed in the bathroom of their home. Upon contacting the homeowners in subsequent conversations, it has become very clear that the sun tunnel has truly made a great deal of difference in the overall atmosphere of their living space, and helped to further their overall satisfaction with the work that we have provided for them!

When our hard-working crews were finished with the project, they took their time when cleaning up the surrounding areas of the location, in order to leave it looking as fantastic as possible. The homeowners were thrilled with the result of our efforts, and have recommended our company and the quality of our work to several of their interested neighbors as well. Check out the video testimonial from Mr.Bowers below, where he details his experience with our company and the outcome of his installation!