Benson’s Residence, Roofing Installation in Poulsbo WA

The Benson residence was anticipating a change for their home. The homeowners felt that a roofing replacement by Achten’s Quality Roofing would be an ideal way to produce the changes they had mind. Our roofing company estimator Jerry met with the homeowners and outlined a plan for the household that would cover every concern and condition that the residence had about their installment. Everything that the customer seeks to attain with their replacement is discussed to ensure that our installers provide the homeowners with exactly what they hope to accomplish.

Our roofing crews, led by Luis and Ricardo, initiated the process with the removal of the previous layers of composition. The roof deck was prepped and inspected for wet or dry rotting. Underlayment felt was used over the surface of the deck to heighten moisture protection and prevent liquid infiltration. Valleys and areas of penetration were reinforced with Ice and Water Protectors to prohibit water from getting into vulnerable spaces.

New air vents and plumbing flashings were integrated into the new system. Flashing along the skylight and chimney was fully rebased. Drip edge and eave metal was placed in designated regions as needed. Roofers installed Timberline HD shingles with nails as opposed to staples for blow-off prevention and an enhanced wind warranty. This installment comes with our Achten’s workmanship guarantee and GAF Systems Plus Warranty.

The homeowners opted for us to include a Velux skylight in their installation. These skylights are perfect for transforming a space within the home by supplying it with fresh air and natural light. Velux products provide the home with 30% more light and boosted air circulation that delivers a continuous source of natural elements into the home. Adding light to places where light seems hard to reach has never been easier thanks to the outstanding performance of these Velux skylights.

Our roofing company was focused on performing a thorough and excellent installation for the homeowners. We completed the project in the time we had stated and in the way we had described. The Benson residence was very pleased with the outcome of their new roof and was confident that our employees had served their needs. Achten’s Quality Roofing provided the Benson residence with exactly what they had hoped to achieve at the beginning of the process.